Rick's Classic Cars Photographs
Order information


The main page for each individual car/page has a main photograph alongside the car's details.
Other negatives held of this car, in whatever guise, are imaged below this as smaller images.

These images, main and smaller, are all of LIMITED DEFINITION.
They are PREVIEW IMAGES from which the viewer makes a PERSONAL selection.

This is accomplished by moving the cursor onto/over the desired image and clicking the mouse button.
A NEW PAGE will appear, automatically, bearing that CHOSEN IMAGE and ordering information.

The ordering process

The order process is carefully designed to lead the viewer, step to step, to the successful placement
of an order for EXACTLY the IMAGES CHOSEN and in the desired format.
At every stage the viewer has the options of cancelling or changing the selection.
Reviewing those images selected to date is an integral part of the design and is automatic.

At all times the VIEWER IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL of the process.

Image format

Impairment of image quality due to negative age and/or storage is evident in a very few cases.
For exhibition or display orders special treatment of negatives is available.

These are available in ANY FORMAT or SIZE, being derived from the original photographic negatives.
Most negatives are 6 x 6 cms or larger, a minority are 35mm and will yield rectangular prints only.
However a range of popular/regular sizes is built into the standard ordering system. See Prices/costs

On-line high definition images, DIRECTLY FROM THE NEGATIVES are available.
Access to these secure images is strictly controlled.
Usage of all or any images offered on this site is restricted to Personal Use.
No further reproduction/publication/transmission is permitted. (See Notice of Copyright on Homepage)


Photographic Prints
Proof prints
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  6" x 8" £ 15.00  
 8" x 8" £ 15.00  
 8" x 10" £ 20.00  
Postage and Packaging
 United Kingdom£ 3.00
 Other£ 5.00  

Electronic Images
High-definition (average compressed size 700Kb)
 Access per image£ 15.00each.
 6 or more images from any SINGLE car/page.£ 12.50each

For any other images sizes, bulk ordering, or special typographic scanning please click here to contact us.