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List of all cars made in year "1930"

The search produced 29 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
252Alfa-Romeo1750 19302 str Zagatoclick
46Darracq YO 74801930Weymann Fabric Saloonclick
49DelageDSL 18hp. GP 73371930Woody 'brake.click
52Fiat520 GF 820719302-Str Tourer with Dickeyclick
55Frazer-Nash YG 21221930Chain-gang 4-str. Tourerclick
61Humber8 TM 3511930Tiny 6-Lghtclick
60Humber8hp XW 63401930Saloonclick
71LagondaRapier GBL 78019302-Str Helmet wingsclick
278RileyNine GJ 18311930Special 2-str.click
132Rolls-Royce20/25GWP27ETC6501930BARKER (orig. open top) click
130Rolls-Royce20/25GXO48GE 86971930WINDOVERS 6-Lght Lan.click
126Rolls-Royce20/25GTR34GN 1219304-Lgt. Sports Saloonclick
223Rolls-Royce20/25GDP56VX 52361930WINDOVERSclick
162Rolls-RoycePhantom 249 XJFJ 69991930GURNEY-NUTTING/WEYMANNclick
155Rolls-RoycePhantom 2105WJGC 28151930H J MULLINER F'headclick
276Rolls-RoycePhantom 237GYGH 28461930Shooting Brakeclick
160Rolls-RoycePhantom 226EXGH 29561930BARKER Continentalclick
161Rolls-RoycePhantom 229GYGH 29571930HOOPER 4-lght.click
175Rolls-RoycePhantom 2146GNGH29691930Thrupp and Maberly Sedancaclick
165Rolls-RoycePhantom 272GYGH 97391930MAYFAIR D'hd. Coupeclick
158Rolls-RoycePhantom 2179 XJGJ 111930BARKER boat-tailclick
153Rolls-RoycePhantom 2171GNGY 49761930BARKER Sedanca click
242Sunbeam16 or 20hp MS 95771930Drophead 2-Strclick
250W.O. Bentley3 litreLT1598PF 62041930Specialclick
257W.O. Bentley4 1/2 BlowerMS3938 1930Tourerclick
270W.O. Bentley4 1/2 litreXT3635KF374019302-door F'head coupeclick
251W.O. Bentley 6 1/2 litre KMD 4901930Coupe/Sedanca 2-DrLge trunk.click
248W.O. Bentley8-litreYM5040CD 76791930MULLINER 4-Dr 4-Lght Saloonclick
274W.O. BentleySpeed Six 70 CPF1930Cut down Coupe.click