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List of all cars made in year "1932"

The search produced 20 matches:

IndexMakeModelChassis NoReg No.YearBodyView Details
8Alfa-Romeo175010814378AXN 1531932Corsica 4-Strclick
260AlvisSilver Eagle DPJ 631932Saloonclick
13AlvisSpeed 25 CXJ 2031932Charlesworth Drophead.click
7British SalmsonS4D EYX 44119322-Door 4-Seat Dropheadclick
34BugattiType 5757311GPL 7171932Ventoux 2-doorclick
35BugattiType 5757149SPK 7019322-door pillarless Airline click
63Invicta1 1/2 Ltr AZ 997719322-Str. cycle wing.click
65Invicta 4 1/2 High Chs. PH 48351932Cadogan 2-Str Flared wingsclick
295Lagonda16/80 1932Two seater Long wingclick
69Lagonda2-LitreOH 10101KY 218719324-Str Tourerclick
74Lagonda 3 1/2 litreZ10221KY 40001932Woody 'brakeclick
78McEvoySpecial RC 45019322-Seaterclick
93Riley12hp27cBUE 551932Touring Saloonclick
94RileyContinental27cDUL 2871932Touring Saloonclick
99Riley Nine 536 AAF19322-Str Specialclick
294Rolls-Royce20/25GEX52AGH719324 door, 4 light.click
234Rolls-Royce20/25GKT35GX 82941932Windoversclick
135Rolls-Royce20/25GFT51OU 35671932PARK WARD 4-Lt 4 drclick
136Rolls-Royce20/25GXO50PG 74441932Sports, cycle wingsclick
266Rolls-RoycePhantom 2 1932Ambulanceclick